Our Products

NextGen ATM System "Cassiopeia-5" integrates the following components: Radar Data Processing System (RDPS) with multi tracking capabilities (PSR, SSR, ABS-B, ADS-C, CPDLC), Flight Data Processing System (FDPS), Electronic Flight Progress Strips, Surface Traffic Management System, Integrated 3D Tower-En-route-UAS ATC Simulator Complex.

ATM-ASDE System Cassiopeia-5 CWP

ATM System "Cassiopeia-5" Controller Working Position may be used for controlling the traffic en-route and at the airport.

Electronic Flight Strips (I2-Strip)

Electronic Flight Strips are designed to work very much like paper strips but with several distinct advantages.

Radar Performance Analysis Suite (RAPAS)

Radar and ATM Performance Analysis Suite of programs (RAPAS) is designed to be used by Radar manufacturers and NAS planners.

Surface Traffic Manager (STM)

I2M Systems Inc. Surface Traffic Management (I2-STM) is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of air traffic operations.

UAV/UAS Technology

I2M Systems Inc. in collaboration with the National Aviation University of Ukraine developed various concepts for the UAV Industry: autopilots, polyconfict resolution and trajectory synthesis algorithms, automated landing system, UAV Simulators of different complexities (for pilots and payload operators training), solution for GPS jamming, etc.

UAV Simulators

Flight simulators are used for initial and re-current training in all aircraft from a single pilot Cessna to a B777 where Special Aircrew and Aircraft Certification is required for various phases of operations. At I2M Systems Inc. we believe that same is true for continued safe operations of UAV's. Our newest Simulator model is KS-1, that has been tested in the classroom training environment by Civil and Military customers.

ATC Displays recorder (I2-Record)

I2-Record is an extremely versatile and robust application allowing users to capture and record all screen activities as videos (with sound if required) in a variety of formats. The application works under Linux or Windows Operation system.

C++/Java cross-platform Socket Communication Library (I2-Comm)

Perform socket communications for all of your applications, whether on a single platform or between different OS (e.g. MS Windows and Linux), by using a revolutionary approach developed by I2M Systems Inc.