I2M Systems Inc. is Canada's leading developer of ATM solutions.

The company has been developing products and providing solutions to the Air Traffic Management industry around the world. Our flagship product, ATM System Cassioppeia-5, integrates the following modules:

  • Radar Data Processing System (RDPS) with multi tracking capabilities
    for processing and fusing of PSR, SSR, ADS-B, ADS-C, CPDLC data
  • Flight Data Processing System (FDPS)
  • Electronic Flight Progress Strips
  • Surface Traffic Management System
  • Integrated 3D Tower-En-route ATC Simulator Complex

All of the above mentioned components can be utilized as standalone modules or integrated into almost any existing ATC system by utilizing the I2M-proprietary APIs.

I2M Systems Inc. team provides expertise in many widely-used ATM technologies used around the world. Our clients include NAV Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, NASA, Transport Canada, ...